Merit Badges

What if your dog tag could tell you “hey you woke up at 4am for 6 weeks straight and it was 24degrees and you still showed up” what if your dog tag could tell you “hey you showed up when it was 107 degrees and could have spent your time doing 1,000 other things but chose putting you 1st.” what if your dog tag could tell you, “hey you lost 80lbs finished a full year and didn’t quit” what if your dog tag could tell you, “hey you don’t miss a beat and you put your adult pants on like a BAMF today” well now they will.

We’ve transitioned to merit badges this year. We want to recognize all the effort you put into yourself. We also want to recognize those of you that participate in things outside of bootcamp. Dog tags used to be just a bootcamp thing but there’s so many other places to recognize effort & accomplishments within our different classes & programs.

We want to encourage you to continue to take risks, explore, get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, set goals and complete them, and stay excited about what your doing and where your going. We want to not only encourage that but recognize it when it happens. We will now badge you when you complete bootcamp, badge you when you nail that yoga pose, badge you when you complete those bucket list items with our Adventure club, badge you when put on ur adult pants and adult hard!

You can slap these on your bootcamp bag, gym bag, yoga bag, lunch bag, you can glue them to your forehead, or just tuck them away. It’s nice to check things off your list, we know that and we’re here to help. We are approaching our 2nd decade of helping the 209 be better and we know there’s still so much to do, and so much to grow.