Valleys Famous Holiday Pusher


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Welcome to the 2022 ABC FIT 8 Week Holiday Pusher camp!

During the holiday pusher we are going to be exercising the EPOC protocols of training to maximize results and allow you to understand your body and limits. We’re asking that everyone purchase a heart rate monitor.  They’re around $40-$100 depending on how fancy you go. Fit bit and viviofit are excellent brands.

The holiday pusher is unique because we will be working around a few holidays here is a list
of the actual days we will have class so there are no confusions.


Coming Soon…
Our schedule on the website WILL be live and updated weekly and hourly to reflect weather or last minute changes. In the event of BAD weather please check the website 20-30minutes prior to class to see if there have been any changes or cancellations. In the event that we have to cancel class we always have MAKE up dates posted. We will also use our FB page for notifications. FYI: I respond to phone calls in 24hours, emails usually in 2-3 hours and text messages within 10-30 minutes.
REMINDER:  daylight is less during this season. I recommend throwing some spray MACE in your bootcamp bag. Bring a headlamp. I won’t let you out of my sight for the hour, rest-assured WE will ALL be as a group no matter what, but walking back to your car have your hands free, always carry your cell phone and KEEP your head on a swivel and eyes up. Don’t text and walk! I REPEAT don’t FB and walk. Don’t text and walk. Keep your keys in your hand. I always stay at camp till the very last person leaves. In the winter you will find me dressed in complete combat gear with military boots. In the warmer months I dress in running pants but in the winter months I dress in U.S. Military BOOTCAMP getup!
Print this out: put it in your calendar: save it in your notes:
whatever you need to do. :o)

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Days a Week

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